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In Your Business Podcast

In Your Business Podcast-3

In Your Business is a weekly conversational podcast that delves into the vibrant world of Huntington-area business. Join us as we sit down with passionate entrepreneurs, uncovering their inspiring journeys, innovative strategies, and the challenges they've conquered to make their mark. From marketing mastery to work-life balance, we explore the real stories behind small businesses, offering invaluable insights and advice for both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs. Tune in for a dose of entrepreneurial inspiration and practical wisdom, right from the heart of successful ventures. This podcast is proudly produced in partnership with Kindred Communications and the Huntington Regional Chamber and presented by Moses AutoMall of Huntington.


Episode 26: Cultivating Community - The Wild Ramp

In this episode, we're excited to sit down with Rebecca Gray, the new market director for The Wild Ramp. Based in Huntington, The Wild Ramp is more than just your average farmers market; it's a beacon of community and sustainability. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, its mission goes beyond commerce; it's about fostering a vibrant local economy and supporting artisans and farmers.

Rebecca brings her expertise from Wyoming to Huntington, and she's here to give us a deep dive into the heart of The Wild Ramp. From the logistics of running an indoor, year-round market to the profound impact it has on the community, Rebecca shares insights into how The Wild Ramp is reshaping the local food scene and empowering local producers.


Episode 25: Perception vs. Reality - Woodlands Retirement Community

In this episode of "In Your Business," we explore perception versus reality with Jeff Harkins, CEO, and Larry Crum, Director of Marketing and Communications, from Woodlands Retirement Community. Despite offering a wide range of care services from retirement to assisted living to nursing home care, Woodlands faces the misconception of being solely a nursing home. We discuss the proactive strategies they use to challenge these stereotypes and highlight the vibrant lifestyle and strong sense of community within their establishment.


Episode 24: Commitment to Community - Food Fair

This week, we’re joined once again by Tim Forth, the owner of Food Fair, to discuss how Food Fair prides itself on being a locally owned and operated regional grocery store, what it means to be local, selling and offering local products and why and how Food Fair gives so much back to the community.


Episode 23: Fundraising Insights - Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Join us as we sit down with Linda Holmes, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs at Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, to discuss successful fundraising. With her extensive background in fundraising and community engagement, Linda brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the table. Throughout our conversation, we'll explore the critical role fundraising plays in helping organizations achieve their goals, effective fundraising strategies, the art of cultivating meaningful relationships, and more.


Episode 22: Keeping Up with the Latest Trends - Christopher's Eats

In this episode, we go into the world of restaurant trends with Chris Dixon, exploring how Christopher's Eats manages to stay ahead of the curve while remaining true to its identity. From incorporating the latest industry trends to anticipating what consumers crave, Christopher's Eats has mastered the art of keeping patrons coming back for more. Listen as we discuss the hottest restaurant trends, what's on the horizon for the dining industry, and the secrets behind Christopher's Eats' success.


Episode 21: Working with the Recovery Community - Butter It Up

This week, we sit down with Andrew Hines, the owner of Butter It Up, located in The Market in Downtown Huntington. Butter It Up isn't just your ordinary spot for gluten-free breakfast and lunch delights, along with an array of coffee and meal prep options. It's also become a great place for individuals in the recovery community seeking employment opportunities.

Join us as Andrew sheds light on his preference for hiring from the recovery community, navigating and dismantling the stigmas surrounding recovery and offering advice for fellow entrepreneurs interested in fostering inclusivity within their workforce.


Episode 20: Making a Leap to Entrepreneurship - Edit with SF

Our guest this week is Sarah-Frances, the owner and founder of Edit With SF, a premier residential editing and organizing company.
In this episode, Sarah-Frances opens up about her remarkable journey, providing a glimpse into her background and the pivotal decision to transition from a secure career to the dynamic world of full-time entrepreneurship. Join us as Sarah-Frances shares the insights she's gained along the way, and discusses the challenges, triumphs, and invaluable lessons that have shaped her path.


Episode 19: Building & Maintaining a Winning Team - Sandy's Racing & Gaming

Dive deep into the strategies and success stories of Sandy's Racing & Gaming, the new casino and gaming center that added 250 jobs to the region and Eastern Kentucky. Join us as we explore their approaches to recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees. From cultivating a positive company culture to adapting to industry changes, discover the secrets behind building and maintaining a thriving workforce in the dynamic world of gaming. Gain valuable insights and inspiration for your own business as we discuss the keys to Sandy's Racing and Gaming's workforce management.


Episode 18: Name, Image, & Likeness - Par Mar

This week, we're diving into a buzzworthy topic that has become a household phrase in the world of sports – Name, Image, and Likeness, commonly known as NIL. Joining us is Dave Allen, the Director of Community Relations for Par Mar Stores. In the wake of the opportunities that Name, Image, and Likeness have offered to student-athletes, Par Mar has stood at the forefront, collaborating proudly with talents across the region. We'll discuss the benefits and challenges it brings, and gain insights into Par Mar's experiences working hand-in-hand with universities and student-athletes.

Episode 17: Leveraging Social Media - True Soul Boutique

In this episode of "In Your Business," we're diving into the intersection of style and strategy. Join us as we sit down with Rebecca Thomas, the founder and owner of True Soul Boutique, your go-to destination for chic clothing and accessories in Downtown Huntington. Rebecca brings her wealth of experience as the owner and founder, unveiling the secrets of using social media to elevate your retail venture. From insights that spark creativity to tried-and-true strategies, get ready to amp up your social media game with Rebecca's tips.

Episode 16: Merging Minds and Ledgers - Suttle & Stalnaker

This week, we sit down with Chris Lambert and Barry Burgess from the recently merged accounting firm, Suttle & Stalnaker. Suttle and Stalnaker recently joined forces with the Huntington-based accounting firm, Somerville & Company. We'll discuss the details of this strategic merger, the reasons behind the decision, the process, conversations with existing staff and clients and navigating the challenges encountered along the way.

Episode 15: Building Business with DEI - Dr. Alan Letton

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Alan Letton, the Director of the Center for Economic & Community Development in Black Appalachia and Isolated Communities. We discuss the topic of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). More than a buzzword, DEI forms the bedrock for thriving and enduring communities. We discuss the importance of DEI, the challenges and more.

Episode 14: Your Chamber - Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce

This week, we’re joined by Tricia Ball, President and CEO of the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce. Tricia has been at the head of the Chamber since early 2022 and she’s going to share the mission and goals of the chamber, member engagement and services, how the chamber helps our area businesses, and some of the challenges and misconceptions about the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Episode 11: Rebranding and Beyond - OVP Health

This week, we sit down with CEO Stacey Shy and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Doug Sheils from OVP Health. They've recently steered their company through a major rebranding effort, and today, we're peeling back the layers of that journey. We’ll discuss the reasons fueling the rebrand, the strategic decisions, stylebooks, the how’s, timelines and even meetings on fonts.

Episode 10: Being an Independent in a Chain World - Food Fair

In this episode of In Your Business, we sit down with Tim Forth, owner of Food Fair, the area's regional grocery store chain that's making waves in an industry dominated by corporate giants. Discover the strategies that set them apart, from community engagement to innovative sourcing. Join us as we uncover the challenges of being independent and learn how this business thrives while staying true to its roots.

Episode 9: Empowering Entrepreneurs - Marshall University iCenter

In this episode, we sit down with Ben Eng, the executive director and co-founder of the iCenter at Marshall University. Join us as we dive deep into how the iCenter is revolutionizing entrepreneurship and business innovation in Huntington. Learn how this thriving hub is nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. We'll also explore the role of the Brad D. Smith Student Business Incubator and the exciting collaborations that are propelling the iCenter to new heights.

Episode 8: Creating a Strong Work Culture - OrangeTheory Fitness

This episode, we're joined by Brock Meadows, fanchise owner of OrangeTheory Fitness in Barboursville and other locations in West Virginia, to discuss the art of crafting a positive work environment, nurturing a vibrant work culture, and honing the essential skill of team building.

Episode 7: Serving Success for 85 Years - Jim's Steak & Spaghetti

This week, we’re sitting at the table of a true culinary institution with Larry and Bradley Tweel, the son and grandson of Jim Tweel, the founder of Jim’s Steak and Spaghetti. Jim’s has been serving generations of patrons for an incredible 85 years! In this special episode, we’ll uncover the secrets to their remarkable success, including building unwavering customer loyalty, honoring tradition, and nurturing a team where some employees have been with the restaurant for 30 to 40 years! Plus, you'll get the inside scoop on Strawberry Pie Week, the We Are Marshall Movie, the milestone of accepting credit cards, and even the addition of Diet Coke to the menu.

Episode 6: Navigating Supply Chain and Inventory Issues - Moses AutoMall of Huntington

Join us in this episode as we sit down with Jason Moses, Executive Manager of Moses Auto Mall of Huntington. Jason shares insights on conquering inventory and supply chain challenges. From demand forecasting to surpassing customer expectations, Jason provides actionable strategies that apply across industries. Whether you're a seasoned player in the automotive sector or a business enthusiast, this episode promises a wealth of practical takeaways. Listen to gain access to the strategies that keep Moses Auto Mall ahead of the curve, and gain a unique perspective on the future of inventory management in the automotive industry.

Episode 5: Going National - Serucell

Join us for an insightful episode as we trace the remarkable journey of Serucell, a luxury skincare product that started and continues to be manufactured in Huntington and was destined for a national stage from the outset. From its grassroots origins to its rapid rise on the national scene, we delve into the strategic decisions, hurdles, and successes that molded Serucell's transformation into a sensation that resonated across the country. Through candid conversations with the founders, we uncover how this product was inherently primed for a nationwide presence, navigating the intricacies of scaling production, refining its brand identity, and captivating a broader audience. Explore the pivotal lessons, strategies at play, and behind-the-scenes anecdotes that unveil the captivating story of Serucell's evolution from local roots to triumphant national achievement.

Episode 4: Elevating Events - Sip Downtown Brasserie & Siptacular Wine Festival 

In this episode, we uncork the secrets of event success with Allison White, the owner of Sip Downtown Brasserie and the mastermind behind Huntington's renowned Siptacular Wine Festival. Journey with us into the wine cellar as we discuss the art of hosting extraordinary events. Discover the keys to securing sponsorships and propelling your event to new heights. Join us for expert insights, actionable tips, and inspiring stories that will not only boost your business but also take your next event to the next level.

Episode 3: Artificial Intelligence - Ariana Shives

Join us as we discuss Artificial Intelligence's role in Huntington-area businesses. Our guest, Ariana Shives, unveils practical strategies, real-world uses and tips for seamless integration. From boosting productivity to personalized customer experiences, discover how AI can help your business. Don't miss this insightful dive into the future of AI for local businesses!

Episode 2: Starting a Business - Booktenders

In this episode, uncover the captivating narrative behind Booktenders and how to start a business. Join us as we embark on a journey with creative minds, Ashley Skeen and Mandee Cunningham, who turned their love for books into a successful small business. From the initial spark of the Booktenders concept to the strategic steps that led to its vibrant presence, we explore the chapters of their entrepreneurial expedition. Tune in to hear about the challenges they conquered, the strategies they penned for branding and growth, and the invaluable lessons they've gathered along the way. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur seeking guidance or a fellow book lover drawn to tales of success, this episode offers a compelling blend of storytelling and business wisdom courtesy of Booktenders.

Episode 1: Franchises - Little Caesars 

Join us in this episode as we delve into the fascinating world of franchises with a seasoned entrepreneur and owner of multiple Little Caesars franchises and one Dog Haus location, Vicki Dun-Marshall. Discover what it takes to turn a beloved brand into a successful business venture, as we uncover the mechanics behind franchising, its advantages, challenges, and the realities of being at the helm of well-known fast-food outlets. From the misconceptions to the financial considerations, from the franchisee-franchisor relationship to future growth prospects, this conversation offers valuable insights for aspiring franchise owners and anyone intrigued by the intricacies of running a franchise within the dynamic food industry. Whether you're a business enthusiast or just curious about the behind-the-scenes of familiar eateries, this episode provides a rich exploration into the world of Little Caesars franchises.

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