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The Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Roundtable is a dedicated group within the Chamber that focuses on supporting and strengthening the nonprofit sector in the region. The roundtable serves as a collaborative platform for nonprofit organizations to connect, share resources, and address common challenges.

The key objectives and activities of the Nonprofit Roundtable include:

  1. Networking and Collaboration: The roundtable facilitates networking opportunities for nonprofit professionals to connect, build relationships, and explore potential collaborations. Regular meetings, workshops, and events provide a platform for sharing ideas, experiences, and resources. By fostering a supportive network, the roundtable enhances the collective capacity of nonprofit organizations in the region.
  2. Professional Development and Capacity Building: The roundtable offers educational programs, workshops, and training sessions designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of nonprofit professionals. These initiatives may focus on areas such as fundraising strategies, volunteer management, governance and leadership, program development, and grant writing. By investing in professional development, the roundtable strengthens the effectiveness and sustainability of nonprofit organizations.
  3. Advocacy and Public Awareness: The roundtable serves as a unified voice for the nonprofit sector, advocating for policies and resources that support the work of nonprofits and address community needs. The roundtable may engage in advocacy efforts with local, state, and federal governments to ensure that the contributions of nonprofits are recognized and valued. It also works to raise public awareness about the impact of nonprofits and the importance of supporting their initiatives.
  4. Resources: The roundtable promotes the sharing of resources, best practices, and information among nonprofit organizations. It may facilitate the exchange of tools, templates, and strategies to help nonprofits operate more efficiently and effectively. The roundtable also encourages collaboration among organizations for joint programs, fundraising campaigns, and community initiatives, maximizing the collective impact of the nonprofit sector.
  5. Community Engagement and Partnership: The roundtable actively engages with the broader community to build relationships and foster partnerships. It may organize community events, volunteer drives, and awareness campaigns to promote the work of nonprofits and encourage community involvement. By collaborating with businesses, government agencies, and community organizations, the roundtable seeks to create a more integrated and supportive community ecosystem.


For more information about Nonprofit Roundtable, email or call 304-525-5131.

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