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Huntington Young Professionals

The Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce Huntington Young Professionals (HYP) is a dynamic group within the Chamber that focuses on engaging and empowering young professionals in the Huntington region. Formerly known as Generation Huntington, HYP provides a platform for young professionals to connect, develop their skills, and make a positive impact on the community.

HYP is comprised of young professionals between the ages of 21 and 45 who are looking to advance their careers, expand their networks, and contribute to the growth and vitality of the region. The group includes a diverse range of individuals from various industries, including entrepreneurs, business owners, employees, and emerging leaders.

The key objectives and activities of Huntington Young Professionals include:

  1. Networking and Social Events: HYP organizes networking events, social gatherings, and mixers to facilitate connections and foster relationships among young professionals. These events provide opportunities for networking, mentorship, and the exchange of ideas and experiences.
  2. Professional Development: HYP offers professional development opportunities tailored to the unique needs and interests of young professionals. These initiatives may include workshops, seminars, and panel discussions on topics such as leadership development, career advancement strategies, communication skills, and personal branding. By equipping young professionals with valuable knowledge and skills, HYP empowers them to excel in their careers.
  3. Community Involvement and Service: HYP encourages its members to get involved in the community through volunteering, philanthropic initiatives, and civic engagement. The group may organize community service projects, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns to give back to the Huntington region. By engaging in meaningful community service, HYP members develop a sense of civic responsibility and contribute to the betterment of the community.
  4. Collaboration with Chamber Programs: HYP collaborates with other Chamber programs and committees to foster intergenerational connections and create opportunities for young professionals to engage with established businesses and community leaders. This collaboration allows for knowledge sharing, mentorship, and the exchange of ideas between different generations, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive business community.


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