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The Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors is a group of dedicated individuals who serve as representatives for the Chamber. Their primary role is to support and promote the Chamber's mission and objectives, engage with current and future members, and fostering a thriving business community in the Huntington region.

The key responsibilities of the Ambassadors include:

  1. Welcoming and engaging new Chamber members: Ambassadors play a vital role in welcoming new businesses and individuals who join the Chamber. They assist in onboarding new members, providing them with information about Chamber programs, events, and benefits. Ambassadors serve as a point of contact for member inquiries, ensuring that their needs are met and helping them maximize their membership.
  2. Member retention and engagement: Ambassadors work actively to foster relationships with existing Chamber members. They participate in various networking events, luncheons, and business gatherings to promote member engagement and facilitate connections among the business community. By doing so, they encourage member participation, strengthen relationships, and promote collaboration.
  3. Community outreach and representation: Ambassadors serve as advocates for the Chamber within the local community. They attend community events, forums, and meetings to represent the Chamber's interests and objectives. They actively promote the Chamber's initiatives and programs, highlighting their impact on the local economy and community development.
  4. Assisting with Chamber events and programs: Ambassadors provide invaluable support during Chamber events, such as ribbon-cutting ceremonies, Business After Hours, workshops, and more. They help with event planning, logistics, and on-site coordination, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and attendees have a positive experience.
  5. Serving as mentors and resources: Ambassadors often act as mentors for new Chamber members, offering guidance, support, and connections within the business community. They share their expertise, provide referrals, and help members navigate the Chamber's resources to facilitate their professional growth and success.


Current Ambassadors

Anna Adkins -  Director of Sales & Marketing, Huntington Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Jill Briggs - Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Herald Dispatch

Irv JohnsonCabell County Assessor

Juliette Buffington-Tomlin – Marketing Director, Woodlands Retirement Community

Bobbie Ward – Branch Manager, Manpower


For more information on participating in this committee, contact the Chamber at 304.525.5131 or by email

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