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The Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce's Manufacturing Roundtable Council is a specialized group within the Chamber dedicated to supporting and promoting the manufacturing sector in Cabell and Wayne Counties. Through information sharing, advocacy, workforce development, supplier networks, and industry promotion, the council aims to enhance collaboration, growth, and competitiveness within the manufacturing industry.

The Manufacturing Roundtable Council consists of representatives from local manufacturing businesses, industry experts, government officials, and other stakeholders with a vested interest in the manufacturing sector. The council members come together to address common challenges, share best practices, and promote the interests of the manufacturing community as a whole.

The key activities and focus areas of the Manufacturing Roundtable Council include:

  1. Information Sharing and Networking: The council serves as a platform for manufacturers to share information, insights, and experiences. Members engage in quarterly meetings, forums, and networking events where they discuss industry trends, emerging technologies, regulatory updates, and other relevant topics. This exchange of knowledge helps manufacturers stay informed and connected within the local business ecosystem.
  2. Advocacy and Policy Initiatives: The council actively advocates for policies and initiatives that support the growth and sustainability of the manufacturing sector. Council members collaborate with local, state, and federal government representatives to address regulatory issues, promote favorable business environments, and ensure that the needs and concerns of manufacturers are represented in policy discussions.
  3. Workforce Development and Education: The council recognizes the importance of a skilled workforce in the manufacturing industry. It may partner with educational institutions, vocational training centers, and workforce development agencies to promote manufacturing careers, develop training programs, and address the skills gap within the local workforce. The council may also engage in mentorship initiatives and apprenticeship programs to nurture talent and attract new individuals to the manufacturing field.
  4. Supplier Networks and Business Opportunities: The council facilitates connections between manufacturers and local suppliers, encouraging collaboration and the development of strong supply chains. By fostering relationships between manufacturers and suppliers, the council helps create opportunities for local businesses to thrive, promotes economic growth, and strengthens the overall manufacturing ecosystem.
  5. Industry Promotion and Recognition: The council actively promotes the achievements and contributions of local manufacturers. It may organize events, awards, or industry showcases to highlight innovative products, successful manufacturing practices, and the positive impact of the manufacturing sector on the local economy. This recognition helps raise awareness of the manufacturing industry's importance and attracts potential investors and businesses to the region.


For more information about Manufacturing Roundtable, email or call 304-525-5131.

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