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Blog: Digital Marketing Audits – How and Why You Need One

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Written by Cynthia Krantz, President of Mezzo Creative LLC

Digital marketing is ever evolving and your brand has a wealth of opportunities to reach your audience through it. In order to tap into this gold mine, though, you need to be aware of what’s working and what isn’t so you are allocating your resources effectively. This is where a digital marketing audit offers businesses the chance to glean insights into how to harness the power of digital media for their specific brand - because digital marketing is NOT one size fits all.


Sure you’ve heard of a financial audit. But what is a digital marketing audit and why do you need one? A digital marketing audit is a full evaluation of your online presence. It is a detailed dive into your strategies, social channels, and creative assets. From there, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your digital footprint. This ensures your well earned money is being well spent on the right advertising campaigns. Why do you need a digital marketing audit?


Let us count the ways… a digital audit allows you to:

  • Evaluate Performance - a comprehensive digital audit should help you understand the effectiveness of your current strategies
  • Identify Weaknesses -  through an audit, you can uncover digital marketing inefficiencies. From content that doesn’t resonate to underutilized platforms, you can put your efforts where you’ll get the best results.
  • Employ Best Practices - the digital landscape is ever evolving and agility is the name of the game. Audits make sure you’re adhering to best practices and if not, can show you how to implement them.
  • Enhance ROI -  By identifying your digital strengths and weaknesses you can allocate resources more effectively to enhance your ROI.


Let’s talk through some of those goal posts that you should analyze during the audit:

  • Content - is your content compelling and consistently on brand? Are you using the proper colors, fonts, and logos in the right places? On social channels are you using a mix of high performing video and carousel posts (at the time of this blog that’s what IG is loving)
  • Audience - who is viewing your content? Are they in line with the target audience you’re trying to reach? If your target audience is 35+ affluent women, but your analytics say only 18-25 year olds are clicking on your ads, then maybe it’s time to rethink things. 
  • Campaign Goals - each campaign is different and should have different KPIs. How are they performing? Is one for link clicks but you’re not getting any? Is one for calls but you’re only getting clicks to a website that isn’t capturing email info? Are you getting calls from states you don’t cover or clients you don’t service? Then maybe you need to rework your SEM keywords or provide more education on the front end through better creative. 


Once we’ve answered those questions, we can pivot and tweak to get your dollars spent in the right place and the right content viewed by the right eyes. Digital marketing provides a wealth of opportunity to grow your sales funnel -awareness to conversion- if used correctly. From large budgets to small spends can vary and still be effective, they just require different approaches and tactics.


Fortunately, we at Mezzo Creative LLC are here to collaborate with you. Contact us today to get started on your digital marketing audit. 


Cynthia Krantz is the owner and President of Mezzo Creative LLC, a boutique social and digital media agency. Cynthia has project managed campaigns for the likes of Nike, Aspen Dental and HSBC Bank. Her agency, founded in 2019, works with businesses in all sectors and has served clients such as Coldwell Banker, EXP, Circcell Skincare, Mounia Haircare, and iLola Tea. She has her Bachelor’s in Communication Studies from Furman University and a Master’s in Journalism from Marshall University.

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