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Blog: Leveraging AI and No-Code Tools for Effective Digital Marketing


This blog is the third in a three-part series inspired by content from Dr. Ben Eng during a Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce Lunch & Learn Presented by Ohio Valley Bank. The topic of the session was digital marketing fundamentals. Dr. Eng is the Assistant Provost for Academic Engagement and Innovation, Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and Executive Director of the iCenter at Marshall University.  


Embracing the Power of AI and No-Code Tools

Not so long ago, marketing was a challenging endeavor, requiring significant expertise and resources. However, the landscape has evolved, and the barriers to entry have lowered significantly. Today, virtually anyone can dive into the world of digital marketing, provided they have the right tools at their disposal. Many of these tools are even available for free.

While the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) might seem daunting to some, the reality is that AI-driven tools have become increasingly user-friendly. These tools have democratized digital marketing, making it accessible to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

At the heart of digital marketing is the idea of being relevant, solving the right problems, and providing content that truly matters to your customers. Good marketing offers relevant and valuable content, and bad marketing is viewed as spam.


The Transformational Power of AI and No-Code Tools

One of the most remarkable AI-driven tools is ChatGPT. It serves as an incredible assistant, empowering marketers to create high-quality content swiftly. ChatGPT's base version is free, making it an accessible option for content creation. With ChatGPT, you can generate written content, whether it's for your website, blogs, or marketing materials.

DALL-E is another noteworthy AI tool that specializes in image creation. Whether you need captivating visuals for your social media, website, or marketing campaigns, DALL-E can effortlessly generate eye-catching images.

Google's suite of tools is another essential asset for digital marketers. This suite offers free alternatives to popular software like Microsoft Office. Google Forms, in particular, is a valuable tool for understanding your customers through surveys.

Canva, a popular graphic design tool, allows you to create stunning visuals with ease, without the need for any coding skills. It offers a wide range of templates and tools to cater to your graphic design needs.

A lesser-known gem is Carrd, a platform that lets you build webpages without any coding knowledge. Carrd provides a variety of templates that you can customize to create landing pages, websites, and more.


The Content Pyramid Strategy

Creating content is one thing, but making it work for you is another. The content pyramid strategy involves crafting pillar content, which is longer and more in-depth, and then breaking it down into micro-content snippets. This micro-content can be tailored to different platforms, including TikTok, YouTube shorts, Facebook, and more.

The key is to create once and distribute across various platforms to maximize your reach. By listening to customer feedback and adjusting your content accordingly, you can continuously improve your digital marketing strategy.



The digital marketing landscape has evolved to be more accessible and user-friendly than ever before, thanks to AI and no-code tools. These tools empower marketers to create, distribute, and optimize their content efficiently. By understanding customer behavior and staying attentive to their needs, you can master the art of digital marketing, delivering content that truly matters to your audience. As you venture into the digital marketing world, embrace the power of demonstrated behavior over stated intent and watch your efforts yield remarkable results.

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