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Mountain Health Network Announces New Joint Venture Joint venture

Mountain Health Network Announces New Joint Venture Joint venture will focus on clinical solutions and services, including a new laboratory, to lead opioid solutions for West Virginia Huntington, WV.

Mountain Health Network has entered into a joint venture with Marshall Health and HealthtrackRx® to offer clinical and laboratory services to help healthcare providers identify and prevent opioid and controlled substance misuse. The joint venture will create a new organization focused on tackling the ongoing opioid epidemic in West Virginia and the surrounding regions.
The new laboratory will be located at 2561 3rd Avenue in Huntington. It will provide drug testing services for physicians and hospitals and support HealthTrackRx’s GuideMed® clinical solution. GuideMed enables physicians and hospitals to provide new resources for safe prescribing and monitoring medication use in people being treated with opioids and other controlled substances. The program has been used by more than 30,000 people and initial results have shown improved patient compliance and medication use. Mountain Health is committed to providing services that both support safe medication prescribing and help identify patients at risk of substance misuse for referral to further treatment.